Most websites do not change over time or keep up with website trends. We are very active in updating sites to give them a “fresh” look or making customizations to make them “mobile friendly.” We often incorporate new images and videos that make sites more user-focused and up to date.


As a result of a revitalized site, customers often ask us to do a makeover of their brochures, logos and their look in print. Since the preliminary work has often already been done for their website, we’re positioned to rework their printed materials and we can provide that service at very competitive rates.


We provide specialized services like making restaurant menus and putting menus online for better visibility. Our WordPress Daily Update Service, updates WordPress, its plugins. themes and language files 365 days a year. Keeping your site current is one of the best ways tp prevent problems and hacking.


Everyone’s data is different. For example, we’ve built databases of cemeteries to make it easy for anyone to locate where someone is buried, relieving cities and cemeteries from having to manually look up information and answering burial inquiries.

Online Stores

We’ve built quite a number of online stores that can provide around the clock product ordering. Think of it has a retail store that never closes and doesn’t have to be cleaned or staffed. It’s also a great way for smaller retailers to drive visitors to their local business.


Our business is varied and each request has its own unique qualities, so we get asked what we think about this or that quite often. This often changes as plans evolve and our clients learn about more options.

We can help you too!